The ever-changing market reality presents us with new challenges. For years we have been constantly developing, implementing our business strategy, consistently striving to maintain our leading position in the field of Microsoft business applications in Poland, and to provide a base for international projects.

Identifying market challenges, the situation in terms of competition and the needs of our Customer, we were looking for an optimal development path. On this path, we started cooperation with Microsoft’s foreign partners, and as a result of this cooperation we decided to join the Fellowmind Group which is the leading partner of Microsoft Business Applications in Europe.

Fellowmind is a European group represented by companies in 5 countries: Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Finland. Poland has also joined this group thanks to Bonair’s actions. The CEE region, headed by Poland, has a very high potential in terms of IT development. Thus, inviting our company to join the group became a part of the strategy of building a strong position in the region. After joining forces, the group will employ approx. 1,350 employees and the total turnover will amount to 180 million Euro. Together we will hold a leading position in Europe among Microsoft partners specialising in Dynamics business applications. For Bonair this primarily means strengthening and complementing our competence and range of services in the form of access to numerous references, experience and solutions expanding the Dynamics platform.

Bonair S.A. joining Fellowmind is another natural step in the company’s development. Our presence will enrich the European group with a wide range of Polish experts with experience in complex implementation projects. The integration of Bonair and Fellowmind businesses will allow us to implement even better solutions for business, aimed at supporting Polish and European enterprises and institutions. New technologies and the rapidly changing world of Dynamics are an opportunity for organisations exchanging knowledge, experience and references. It is also an opportunity to expand and introduce a complementary portfolio of business applications, thus creating a comprehensive proposal for all our Customers.

For more information on the merger between Bonair and Fellowmind, please look at the press release: Polish Bonair joins Fellowmind your social media marketing partner