The Microsoft ONE conference for Partners in Poland ended yesterday. It is an annual event summarizing the past 12 months as well as a presentation of plans and strategies for the next period. One of its elements is that Microsoft always awards the best Partners in each category.

We are pleased to announce that we again took the first place in Poland in the ranking of Microsoft's Partners dealing with Dynamics 365 solutions. This year it's special because we became a Partner of the Year Dynamics 365 - for the whole Dynamics product group and at the same time we were awarded as one of the 8 most important Microsoft's Partners in Poland.

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At the same time, the complexity and scale of the projects we carry out distinguishes us not only in comparison to Poland, but also in Europe and worldwide. What distinguishes us from other partners is not only our readiness to undertake difficult undertakings - which we successfully fulfil - which we talked about during the conference sessions together with Wojciech Knapik - CIO IT from Selena company.

We are the best team in Poland and it is undoubtedly a reason to a great satisfaction. At the same time, it is a big challenge to be even better and maintain this position in the coming years. This award motivates and obliges us to continue our work. We want to improve and extend our company to a higher level of efficiency. your social media marketing partner