Polish building chemicals leader promotes growth with digital transformation

One of the three largest manufacturers of polyurethane foam in the world, Polish chemicals leader Selena Group provides professional contractors and individual users with specialist construction materials under its Tytan Professional, Quilosa, Artelit Professional and Matizol brands. This success is partly down to its use of Microsoft Dynamics, which the company says is key to optimal production and operational processes, from planning and accounting to storage and order management.

“We have consolidated operational processes in our production and supply chain and unified processes related to finances, personnel and payroll.” - says Wojciech Knapik, CIO, Selena Group

What we strive for: optimization and automation

Wroclaw-headquartered Selena Group owes its leading position in the building materials industry to its innovative products, commitment to quality and effective management. This has led to it recording doubledigit sales growth in 2017 alone. It plans to secure an even brighter future via an ambitious global digital transformation based on full exploitation of the latest business technology. This is centered on internal communications and collaboration in the shape of Office 365 and Skype for Business, and a market-leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system based on Microsoft Dynamics.

“Operational excellence as part of improving our logistic and industrial processes and responses to technological changes is very important to us,” confirms Chief Operating Officer, Artur Ryglowski. “Optimization and automation of activities is absolutely one of the goals we strive for as a whole Group. The key to creating competitive advantage stems from effective data management, and the winners are companies that can extract key information from their data.”

Selena started this journey a few years ago when it became one of Poland’s first enterprise-class brands to implement Office 365. This has given the organization benefits like increased efficiency and security of business processes, duplicated document prevention and better version control, while remote workers now have full access to corporate mail, data, documents and client presentations from any device.

Useful management data is just a click away

Indeed, cloud and Office 365 have proven to the best foundation for this latest revolution along with group-wide ERP and a truly modern digital work environment, says CIO Wojciech Knapik. “We had been struggling with data fragmentation, as well as sub-optimal and non-standardized processes,” he notes. “We also wanted to become more automated in order to free ourselves from human errors and build a company knowledge base all employees can rely on, as well as standardization and improvement of process efficiency in all areas but especially operations and back-office, and improvement of cash flow, thanks to reduction of inventory both in terms of raw materials and finished products.”

To meet these aims, Knapik has led an initiative to shift Selena Group to integrated and cloud-based solutions that also did not require significant investment. He and his team, working with trusted local Microsoft implementation partner Bonair, have achieved this with the comprehensive implementation of all Microsoft Dynamics modules across seven Group companies. These include Finance and Control, Production, WMS (High Storage Warehouse), TMS (Transport Management), MD (Basic Data Management), PLM Configurator (Product Lifecycle Management), Sales, mini CRM in the Sales module, AIF (Application Integration Framework), Purchasing, Logistics and HR. Next steps include rollout to local and US subsidiaries, he adds, while delivering cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) to key employees has already been made a priority. There’s also great interest in exploring what MS Teams could do for productivity.

As a result, Knapik confirms, “We have consolidated operational processes in our production and supply chain and unified processes related to finances, personnel and payroll.” Specific benefits include reduced handling times for inter-company orders, and ‘one click’ management reports. “Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics, we have gained a wide array of useful tools, with great possibilities for further development,” he concludes.

Digital transformation to:

  • Empower employees
  • Engage customers
  • Optimize operations 
  • Transform product

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