Microsoft Dynamics 365 and effective ‘sales command’ center for busy Polish IT integrator

Poznań-based Komputronik Biznes helps companies and organizations grow dynamically via IT solutions. The sophistication of its business processes meant tough requirements for its new CRM system. Luckily, the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, integrated with Office 365 cloud-based applications, is meeting the challenge perfectly.

A new chapter

Starting in mid-2017, the structures of two companies - Komputronik Biznes and Movity - are being integrated operationally under the Komputronik Biznes brand. “The process of combining skills increased our growth potential, particularly in the area of acquisitions and servicing of comprehensive IT projects,” notes Sebastian Pawłowski, Vice-President of the Board. “This new chapter in our history has simultaneously led us to revise all our IT processes and systems. For 15 years we have been advising our customers on how to grow effectively, with great success. Over years of dynamic growth, our organization has expanded significantly, merged operationally with Movity, and is now starting integration with Komputronik API.”

Above all - the customer

The company has searched for solutions that would support it in providing even better service for its current customers and identifying their needs. It also needed to classify customers into segments, and acquire new customers and projects. “We needed new, more comprehensive and automatic tools to build a complete picture of the customer, monitor relations, and to flexibly adjust our proposals,” says Mirosław Jasiak, Komputronik Biznes’ Marketing Director.

This is why comprehensive, and at the same time user-friendly, support of this area within the organization was the driver for the change of CRM functionality used by the company adds Łukasz Brzóska, Manager of the Komputronik Biznes Sales Team.

A complex ecosystem

Any new CRM system would also need to take the complexity of Komputronik Biznes’ organization into account. It manages a nearly 300-person team of specialists who work in geographically (six branches supporting projects all over Poland) diverse teams in multiple sectors. In addition, Komputronik Biznes offers dedicated solutions for certain industries, with public administration, healthcare, financial sector, retail trade and HoReCa (hotels, restaurants and cafes) being the most prominent. Regions and areas are bound together by a company-wide Common Service Center, which supports sales and other core processes. “It was important for us to manage teams effectively and to monitor the progress of individual projects. Monitoring of sales in individual regions – so that sales teams of individual branches did not perform redundant activities – was a significant requirement, “ confirms Project Manager Zbigniew Szymerowski.

A cloud of new possibilities

To meet these demanding requirements, Komputronik Biznes chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. “The system natively integrates with Office 365 cloud-based business applications that have been implemented in the company earlier and seamlessly integrates with our applications such as email contact information, ERP and SharePoint platforms. Thanks to Dynamics 365, Komputronik Biznes salespeople or engineers have full information about their customers on one screen, on any device. Plus, our employees do not have to switch between applications, such as searching through email for information about a customer or about the potential of a given sale, or update this information. In the new system, we have also created project groups in order to gather knowledge in one place, something particularly appreciated by those who join projects already in progress,” Szymerowski adds.

The new way its telemarketing team operates is a good example of the changes made. “Previously, information from various sources trickled down to our telemarketers, by phone, email, in spreadsheets. Now, all people involved have access to the status of a given process,” says Jasiak.

“Companies that decide to use cloud solution become fully mobile,” is that way Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Group Lead, Justyna Klimuk, sees what companies like Komputronik Bizne are starting to achieve.

“Your sales force has access to current, reliable data and analytical tools on any device, which increases chances of sales success. Data is stored in secure and flexible environment, which eliminates the need to administrate and purchase additional servers, while the system’s rapid scaling capability makes it possible to adapt it to the company's current stage of development.”

Beginning of the road

The original project aim was to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer data aggregation, but the company has gone far beyond that. “For example, we have developed mechanisms for granting powers of attorney or collecting information about references, suited to our needs,” Szymerowski points out.

A pioneering solution that supports successful sales is how the company now sees the introduction of Dynamics CRM capability. “We are at the beginning of the road, but are already aiming for further expansion, including in the area of marketing and sales support within the framework of the Common Services Center,” says Brzóska. “Thanks to Dynamics 365, we’re building tools that keep up with us.”

Agile implementation

Paweł Kobryń, Director of the Department of Projects and Implementations at Komputronik Biznes, states that the project was carried out very quickly and efficiently. “The first stage to deliver critical functionality in the area of sales took less than a business quarter, then we expanded and adjusted already working functions while implementing further tools in parallel.

“The short time of implementation, under full budget control, is down to very good cooperation and experience of all the people involved in the project, as well as to the adopted agile methodology of operation.” The implementation work was delivered in cooperation with Bonair S.A. - Microsoft Partner.

A mirror for the organization

Summing up the impact of Dynamics 365 on his organization, for Pawłowski, “Our goal was to optimize sales, but we also started to improve many other areas, from administration, law, marketing, accounting and human resources. The implementation is a fantastic mirror in which we can verify our processes and work on improving them.”

“Thanks to Dynamics 365, Komputronik Biznes salespeople or engineers have full information about their customers on one screen, on any device.” - Zbigniew Szymerowski: Project Manager, Komputronik Biznes your social media marketing partner