In order to improve the production efficiency, it is necessary to use appropriate IT programs, They can be used at any stage of the process, which entails:

  • production management
  • storage of goods
  • transport

The offered system is also convenient in case of settlement of administrative and financial matters.

Production plants are one of our most frequent customers, which allowed us to gain valuable experience related to this industry. By using innovative tools, we are able to successfully transform the IT systems of Your company. They are suitable for various activities connected to differentiated production in terms of the type of products that are manufactured.

Optimization of production processes allows an effective increase in work efficiency. This is achievable with modern software such as the one used by Bonair.


Financial services

Among the companies that use modern information technologies, there are also institutions dealing with financial services, such as banks. Huge market competition forces us to reach for more and more advanced means and makes it necessary to strive for each client.

There are a few factors that can be the reason of digital transformation:

  • an obligation to reduce the operating costs
  • the growing customers’ needs
  • the need for optimization in order to maintain or improve one’s position.

Every company dealing with financial services faces a number of challenges, among which are:

  • administration of resources
  • expenditure management, with a view to achieving an appropriate economic balance
  • establishing contact with clients in order to gain their trust.

All of the above is possible thanks to the application of modern solutions in Your company, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM, ERP or BI systems.


Sales and Logistics

Modern technological solutions can - and even more – should be used by representatives of various industries, including companies specializing in trade and distribution. These innovations will give Your company the opportunity to choose new paths of development. This, of course, at the same time meets some challenges.

For companies operating in these areas of business, it is crucial to develop departments dealing with sales and logistics.

In order to adapt the services to ever developing market, You need to predict the necessary changes and constantly make improvements, which is possible with the use of algorithms and other tools offered by Bonair, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. By implementation of these solutions, You will be able to significantly accelerate and streamline the work of Your company.


Public sector

Institutions and organizations operating in the public sector expect experienced and reliable business partners. We meet these conditions thanks to our 28 years functioning in IT industry. As a rule, we support institutions associating many employees and even more clients. We can also transform Your organization and put it on a path of technological growth.

These transformations are not always an easy process, they require time and changes in the minds of users accustomed to existing solutions. However, this evolution brings measurable benefits, improvement of work and facilitation for both parties. They are most frequently used in the areas of finance and in matters related to human resources and payroll. We have conducted this process many times before, which means – we know the problems and challenges following the transformation and we are able to deal with them effectively also in Your company.

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